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Meet Elijah Bajjali, a talented American male model and fashion designer, originally from Bay City, Michigan but raised in southern Florida. From an early age, Elijah has had a deep passion for both fashion and law. He pursued further studies in Florida before moving to Beverly Hills to chase his dream of working in the entertainment industry.

With a keen eye for style and a gift for design, Elijah began creating custom pieces for private clients, actors, and mega-influencers in Los Angeles. He eventually decided to launch his own luxury fashion brand, which bears his name.

Elijah's talent and creativity soon caught the attention of an international PR firm, leading him to travel to Paris, France, for fashion week. He attended a host of exclusive events and even became an ambassador for the German tech company NOVA Audio, which combines fashion and technology seamlessly.

Elijah's public appeal skyrocketed after he showcased his signature asymmetrical designs in the streets and historic venues of Paris.


He has since become an avid content creator, using social media to continue growing and monetizing his independent designer brand.

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